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Mr.Krishna Khedkar

Report on ‘Rashtriya Swadeshi Suraksha Abhiyan’

      ‘Swadeshi’….actually means being independent, self-sufficient and being loyal to our country. This year our Samstha has taken initiative to lead ‘RashtriyaSwadeshiSurakshaAbhiyan’. The title itself is inspirational which gives motivation to work for it. We at Vision also have put our step forward for this campaign. The objective behind it is to imbibe the awareness of ‘Swadeshi’ in each and every individual who is a part of our unit and to make the next generation aware of ‘Swadeshi’ goods and motivate use of Indian products.

In the month of September, on the occasion of parenting workshop we had arranged a guest lecture for parents. MrShirishApte delivered an inspirastional speech on ‘SwadeshiAbhiyan’ which was really an eye opener and motivational towards the need of ‘Swadeshi’ movement and use of Indian products. It gave an answer to the questions aroused in every mind …….why ‘Swadeshi’?

The next week we attempted for another activity to spread the message of ‘Swadeshi’. We had selected thoughts and slogans related to the ‘SwadeshiAbhiyan’ and those were written on the blackboard of each class for the whole week.Also the meaning and purpose behind it was explained thoroughly to the children.

The next task which was undertaken by us was the presentation of videos, power point, images, etc. on ‘Swadeshi’ in each class. We presented it with great enthusiasm and there was a great response from the children. Our objective behind it was successful as children were responding actively.

They were ready to take the initiative and pass on the message further to their family members as well as to the people in their vicinity too. Many children were already aware about a boycott of Chinese products which was very pleasing for us. At the end of the week children were having lot of takeaways related to ‘SwadeshiAbhiyan’.

Now, we hope our children will definitely pursue others to use only ‘Swadeshi’ products and not Chinese. We have worked with great devotion and also made it sure that our students will follow the same. We also assure that this Diwali the sale of Chinese product will be reduced. This will definitely lead to the victory of

‘Rashtriya Swadeshi Suraksha Abhiyan’.

Snaps of ‘SwadeshiAbhiyan’ Awareness