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Counseling Services


                                  Miss. Aishwarya Paranjape





Counselor’s assistance is provided to the students to help the school to escalate the result. Due to, a fast paced life, there is a feeling of insecurity and instability amongst children which leads to psychological problems. Due to high expectations, constant comparison, competitive nature and conditional love of the parents, children are facing  and disciplinary problems.

Counselling has been a part of the Indian culture for centuries, with Lord Shri Krishna said to be the pioneer of the field. This shows that counselling was and will always remain the need of the hour, the reasons changing with time.

In today’s era of modern technology and the virtual world slowly taking the place of relationships, bonds and to some extent family members, there is an increasing need for psychological services and counselling for parents, teachers and children alike.

We at Vision sincerely believe that early detection and intervention is the best way to ensure that an issue gets tackled in time and does not get blown out of proportion. Keeping this in mind, the school provides a number of psycho-educational and counselling services including psychometric testing namely IQ Testing, Learning Difficulty Assessment, Assessment of other issues commonly seen amongst children, Aptitude Testing and Career Counselling, Individual and Group Counselling, Training for parents and teachers, to name a few.

It has also been observed a number of times that just giving a patient listening ear to the children gives a lot of relief, bringing about a difference in their lives. The counselling department in the school is that source of support which our students can avail.

We hope and wish that our students will reap maximum benefits out of this facility and help themselves achieve greater heights.