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ऐश्वरस्य विभूषणं सुजनता शौर्यस्य वाक्संयमः
ज्ञानस्योपशमः श्रुतस्य विनयो वित्तस्य पात्रे व्ययः।
अक्रोधः तपसः क्षमा प्रभवितुः धर्मस्य निर्व्याजता
सर्वेषामपि सर्वकारणमिदं शीलं परं भूषणम्‌॥

The ornament of greatness is nobility; of courage, restraint over speech;
Of knowledge, calmness; of learning, obedience/humility ; of wealth, wise spending;
Control of one’s anger, of penance; patience/forgiveness, of efficiency; of dharma, straight forwardness;
The base for all the [above] qualities is good conduct/character, [which] is the greatest of all ornament.